Market Research and Analysis


Possibly the most important skill in property investment is the ability to predict market trends. Far from guess work or simple intuition this requires complex data management, resulting in essential real estate knowledge and thereby ensuring that our recommendations are accurate and precise.

Our dedicated in-house Research Team are committed not only to compiling data but to continuously running comparisons on every facet of the property market imaginable. We examine local, regional and international market comparisons that affect the purchasing and pricing trends; in addition we also monitor political, economic and other global issues that may adversely affect property prices.

Our dedicated team is available to conduct research in Dubai.

We provide:

  • Regional real estate market studies
  • Customised market sector reviews
  • End-user requirement analysis
  • Pricing analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Supply and demand analysis

We work closely with our Investments, Sales, Leasing and Property Management departments to ensure data and recommendations clearly represent current market conditions.

Our research can be tailored and applied to our client's specific requirements. Additionally, we regularly publish real estate reports in our research library.