Ejari is a system that is governed by RERA to make registration of rental / lease agreements easy and accessible to Owners and Real Estate Management Companies of various categories. The Ejari system provides a full portfolio of services beyond registering the initial lease agreement. Renewals, cancellations, transfers and terminations can all be logged.

Registration through Ejari is a simple process requiring little technical knowledge and that only the basic details of agreements are entered. These include information such as details of the property, the name of the rental company, and terms of the agreement. Once the agreement is entered into the system and registered it is allocated a unique barcode which acts as its reference throughout the life of the contract. RERA will keep its own record of the agreement and update changes to the register as these occur.

At a different level, full implementation of Ejari registration will enable the authorities to construct a full and accurate picture of Dubai's rental market which will play a crucial role in its planning for the future of the sector and its ability to influence such factors as the supply side of the market and ultimately the level of prices.

Ejari will ensure rental agreements are fair and transparent to the parties involved and that their terms and conditions are given full weight. The launch of Ejari shall bring the Dubai's rental sector to be one of the best regulated rental market in the world and best practice in the norm across Dubai's rental sector.

  • Anyone can access to the official updated information of emirate’s rental properties.
  • This system successfully manages to legalize the process of tenancy by issuing standard rent receipts.
  • It also protects the rights of landlords and tenants by a proper tenancy contract detail.
  • Both the parties can review the whole contract in case arguments.